The Archway Tavern

2pm – Beginners / Fundamentals: £10

3pm – Improvers: £10 or just £5 if you take the first class too

How they work

Learn to dance. It’ll change your life.

Swing Feeling’s classes are for absolute beginners as well as those with some experience of swing dancing. No partner or experience is required. You don’t have to sign up for a course of lessons. Just turn up, learn some swing dancing moves, and start having fun, getting fit and making new friends.

Our focus is improvised social dancing – the kind you can do with someone else at parties, bars, clubs, parks, kitchens, pretty much anywhere that has the space. We’re not interested in performance routines  or competitons.  We love dancing with people as if nobody’s watching, even if everybody’s watching. 

Join the regular weekly beginners’ swing dancing classes to learn the basics and fundamentals of swing dancing. By the end of even one class you will have some moves enabling you to go swing dancing anywhere in the world.

Every beginners’ lesson starts with learning the basic footwork of a swing dancing style, then builds basic moves upon that footwork. We support you to learn how to dance, practise your basics, and think about the fundamentals of swing dancing in new ways. You will rotate partners frequently – which helps your dancing as well as encourages you to meet new people. When there’s more than one lesson, we build on a theme, improving your abilities as the night progresses.

Typical Timings

Each class lasts 45 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes before each class, which helps us keep to time.

A typical timetable at our venues is the following:

1:45pm – Registration opens for first class;
2:00pm – Basics and fundamentals swing dance class. You don’t need to know any dancing at all, and you can join any week you like as we teach and revise basics steps of various swing dancing styles every week, as well as some variations to have fun with.
3:00pm – Improvers class. This class builds on the basics you’ll have learned in the first class, to add to your swing dancing repertoire.

There will be around 15 minutes  of practice time between classes.

Prices for classes vary by venue, so feel free to check before attending. The second class of the evening is half price if you took the first class.

Stay and have a drink, chat &/or a dance after class. One of the lovely things about swing dancing is getting to meet new people. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Standard Pricing Plans

One Class At A Venue

£ 10

per person per lesson

Second Class In One Night

£ 5

per person per lesson

Online Classes

£ 5

per person per lesson

Private Lessons

£ 45

per person per lesson

Bespoke Services

We also offer bespoke services, such as dance lessons or performances for weddings, special events, stag & hen parties, team building and more. 

To discuss pricing and requirement, or if you have any questions about any of our classes, please contact us via the contact page linked below.