Team Building &
Office Christmas Parties

Dance To Initiate & Improve Relationships

Encourage Clear Communication & Assertiveness

We work with organisations to entertain and improve relationships with employees, customers, volunteers and other stakeholders. Human resources, marketing, events, sales and other departments book us to run dance classes at their chosen venue. Whatever your job role, you can book us too.

It’s an excellent experience for team building, fostering professional relationships and breaking down perceived barriers.  Through upbeat, joyful, energetic activity, Swing Feeling encourages interaction, clear communication and assertiveness as well as improving participants’ well-being.

We ensure our dance classes for organisations:

– are extremely fun;
– give people a new social skill which they can use for the rest of their lives;
– build confidence, respect and assertiveness;
– initiate and improve relationships;
– encourage team work and clear communication;
– improve mental health through happiness, movement and release;
– encourage creativity.

As well as teaching people who have never danced before some basic steps and turns they can use to dance with numerous people on any occasion, we’ll rotate dance partners so we encourage people to spend time with others. This is a key part of encouraging trust and relationships so important for an effective team.

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