You don't need a thing

All you gots to do is swing.

However, we’ve got some suggestions below to make swing dancing more comfortable for both you and all the people you’ll dance with.

You can swing dance in any clothes and footwear you feel comfortable in. However, we strongly encourage two things: manage your sweat and ensure you have comfortable footwear which doesn’t grip the floor too much.

We’ve recommended some products below which might help or inspire you. We also welcome any suggestions you might have to help people to dance most comfortably together.

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Mositure Wicking Dressses

Dancing is fun, but sweating is unavoidable. These dresses are moisture wicking or quick drying, so you can keep cool and avoid showing your sweat. We have included a range of different styles, so no matter what your style choices, we have you covered.

Moisture Wicking Undershirts

These T-Shirts aim to avoid sweat. We all know that whether your dancing style is ballroom or street, sweat can be a persistent problem, not just for you, but for your loved one or dance partner.

Underwear and Safety Shorts

There is no point beating about the proverbial bush, if you dance, you know how uncomfortable thigh chafing can be. Rather than let it put you on the shelf, you need to take precautions.

Essential Accessories

From safety pins to waterproof make-up, there are things you may not know you need, but we know are essentials.


Dancing may be fun, but it can be hard on the body. To protect your knees and joints, it helps to get the appropriate soles. You don’t need to buy expensive, hard soled dance shoes. You just need the right soles.

MIcro Fibre Towels

Anyone with a love of dancing should know it can be a sweaty business, and no-one wants to go searching for a towel in the middle of a good swing. Instead of mopping your brow on your cuffs, bring a small hand towel or hankerchief with you..