Partner Venues

We can dance nearly anywhere, so we teach indoors and outdoors (in good weather or under covers), preferably on wooden floors, but we can make a lot of things work.

Pubs, bars & nightclubs, community centres, gyms, office buildings, town squares, music festivals, community and charity events – we teach at numerous venues on invitation.

We simply need:

  • permission to promote our classes at the venue with posters, flyers, in the media and online
  • a clear space to dance (we can move and put back furniture)
  • access to a PA system or permission to use our own
  • understanding that the music will start and stop during the lessons, so we can talk people through the dance moves.

If you know a venue that you think would benefit from hosting Swing Feeling’s classes, let us know.

We promote our partner venues whenever we promote our classes. Our continuous marketing campaign always targets new prospective patrons as well as continuously staying top of mind to current customers.

Elements of our marketing campaign include:

  • Targeting high footfall areas near to partner venues with active flyering/leafleting and direct personal communication
  • A4 posters placed in prominent positions near to partner venues
  • A1 framed posters produced for display by each venue
  • Local media relations PR campaign
  • Promotion with links back to partner venues’ websites on
  • Social media posts promoting classes at partner venues on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok
  • Weekly personalised and GDPR compliant email marketing campaign targetted  by attendance at a partner venue
  • Public dance demonstrations and taster classes

If you’d like us to host swing dancing classes at your venue or event, contact us.

Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs

Our classes inject energy, atmosphere and entertainment as well as footfall to licensed premises, especially at their quietest of times. They attract a new, upbeat and joyful crowd who want to participate in a constructive activity in pubs and bars.

Monday – Thursday evenings (7-10pm) work well at venues which are normally busiest on Friday & Saturday nights.

Friday & Saturday evenings are often busy nights in licensed premises. We’d love to teach those evenings, but as long as it enhances your patrons’ night.

Saturday & Sunday afternoons (3-7pm) work really well at licensed premises, and encourage patrons to relax with a drink after they’re danced out .

Office Buildings

Office buildings are increasingly bringing social and leisure activities to employees, so their workplaces become happier, healthier environments. Often receptions and unused rooms in office buildings can provide excellent venues for dance classes during lunchtimes and afterwork.

Local Community & Charity Events

Our dance classes at registered charity and local community events bring strangers together in a fun and upbeat interactive activity. We are more than happy to run classes for FREE within a two mile radius of our class venues. We simply ask for some promotion of our classes on  event publicity and permission to hand out flyers during the event.

Community centres, gyms & Dance Studios

Purpose-built rooms for activities such as dancing set a more focused vibe on dance skills and style than the social ethos of licensed premises. We bring a different approach to hobby and health timetables , prioritising fun and human interaction over exercise and education. 

Music Festivals

Quirky activites add extra memories and interaction at music festivals. Swing Feeling simply needs a PA system and space to run the class – either outdoor during good weather or undercover if it’s raining.

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Meet Brian

Swing dancing changed Brian’s life.

He discovered joy, a constructive social life, new friends all over the world, and an enjoyable source of mental and physical wellbeing. Dancing encouraged him to stop smoking, lose five stone (30 kg) of fat, and travel more.

Brian’s appreciation of good jazz music started as a sick child watching old movies on daytime TV. He sees jazz as the birth of popular music and so will swing out to nearly any “CHUUUUNNE!!!”.

For a day job, Brian mostly gets people into the media.

He’s also a trained barrister, has been to university far too many times, is exploring numerous new business ventures and is a total pizza snob

Meet Holly

Positive, fun and sociable, it was inevitable that swing dancing would be Holly’s thing. Back in Sheffield in 2014, chin-deep in final year stress at university, Holly took her first swing dancing class as a break from the books.

She had never laughed so hard.

Upon moving to London to edit and publish crime fiction, she immediately sought out a local swing scene to keep up her dancing and make some new friends. 

She’s gone on to attend swing festivals in the UK and abroad. She loves social dancing, but when there’s a jam circle, she grabs her regular dance partner to jump in and throw some aerials.

She says, “It’s just such a rush! So freeing! You get up, do your thing on the dance floor and have a good laugh with really supportive people who also love to dance like nobody’s watching – even when everyone’s watching.”