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A First Dance That'll Last Forever

Private Pre-Wedding Couples' Classes

If you think you or your partner can’t dance, then we want to prove you wrong.
We’re not going to teach you a routine that you’ll do once and never dance again.
We’re going to teach you basic steps that will make you feel comfortable and look amazing for your first dance. You’ll have fun learning together, enjoy your first dance in front of family and friends and be empowered to dance together wherever and whenever the whim takes you.
We won’t get you to learn a routine, because life’s too stressful to be thinking about and memorising routines – and then feeling that you have to ‘perform’ on your wedding day. Instead, we’ll quickly teach you to dance together as a couple so you can improvise and actually enjoy dancing with the person you love forever, not just a few minutes at your wedding.
We offer private classes at £45 per hour. These can be booked in one, two or three hour blocks on as many occasions before your wedding as you would like. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn in three hours on one day, though.
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