Swing Feeling Music

We can swing out to anything or nothing. There’s no rules.

But music is the common language swing dancers use as the basis  of their non-verbal communication.

Check out our music page for songs with that special swing feeling. You can also discover Youtube and Spotify playlists, recommeded podcasts, and local swing bands and musicians we support.

  • Class Playlists

    Here's a list of some of the musicians and songs you'll hear during our classes. We aim for Goldilocks swing - never to fast, never too slow to catch that swing feeling.

  • Musicians

    Here's a list of musicians that have shared the swing feeling.

  • Local Swing bands

    Connecting with a dance partner is one thing. Both you and your dance partner connecting with live musicians is something else. Here's a list of local swing bands we love.

  • Spotify Playlists

    Some wonderful people have put together playlists of swing songs on Spotify. We thank them.

  • Youtube Playlists

    Other people have put playlists together on YouTube. They're great too.

  • Podcasts

    If you really want to consider swing dancing deeply rather than just have fun with it, you might consider listening to some of podcasters.

Have Tunes You Like?

We’re always open to music suggestions – tunes, bands and playlists. Contact us with your recommendations.