Venues & Events

We teach indoors and outdoors (in good weather or under covers) preferably on wooden floors, but we can make a lot of things work.

Pubs, bars & nightclubs, community centres, gyms, office buildings, town squares, music festicals, charity events – we teach at numerous venues on inviation.

Licensed Premises - Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

Pubs, bars & nightclubs

Our classes inject energy, atmosphere and entertainment as well as footfall to licensed premises, especially at their quietest of times. They attract a new, upbeat and joyful crowd who want to participate in a constructive activity in pubs and bars.

Monday – Wednesday evenings (7-10pm) work well at venues which are normally busiest Thursday – Saturday nights.
Saturday & Sunday afternoons (3-7) work really well for places that don’t show sport.

Community Centres