What is:

Swing Feeling?

The Swing Feeling team runs swing dancing classes and social events in North London. They encourage people through the doors of partner venues to: meet new people and experience an upbeat, joyful, energetic atmosphere as well as an activity that contributes to their wellbeing. Swing dancing entertains participants and onlookers alike.

But what is the swing feeling?


We run classes in partner venues in North London.


Don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry. Wear whatever you like, within reason. But here’s some tips to make you most comfortable.

Swing Feeling Music

We can swing out to anything or nothing. There’s no rules.

But music is the common language swing dancers use as the basis  of their non-verbal communication.

Check out our music page for songs with that special swing feeling. You can also discover Youtube and Spotify playlists, podcasts for consideration, and local swing bands and musicians we support.


We promote the local events and national dance festivals where we like dance.

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